Monday, July 30, 2012

BBQ fish?

I'll BBQ anything... I mean I love to grill, I love the flavor and the taste of anything BBQ. Probably had the best time eating in Austin, Tx. and I ran an Italian restaurant there. Whenever I got the chance I headed to the smokiest hole-in-the-wall I could find to get some meat, and I really miss that here in Dayton. Easy there Cincy, you've got some good pig too, I just could never find better than Austin so deal with it. So fish you say? WTF are you doing man?! Sacrilege! Nah, just tasty fish served up a little different and definetly Paleo
So I started off tonight backwards and prepped up my vegetables from a stolen recipe from the incredibly talented Nom Nom Paleo Live a day on this dynamo's blog and you'll wonder how she does it. She posted some Zuchinni style noodles and I loved it so I prepped up what we have coming out of the garden with some red onion and fresh cherry tomatoes(we are on the edge of way too many cherry tomatoes).

This will require a special tool (Amy's nickname for me as well), I have a Mandoline, which will set you back over a C note, but there are several low cost versions that do the same thing you can find at a specialty store.

The trick here is to only go as deep a cut as to stay out of the seeds in the center,, seeds bad.  Then slice the onion as thin as you can, the idea is to flash cook it translucent and add the noodles, sauce (that's the leftover marinade below) and tomatoes, and it's done. Pull it from the stove and plate it.

Now the fish,, I love cod because like me, it's cheap, I've lived in Fla., and the Virgin Islands so I'm spoiled, but I get this from a local source here and it does the trick,, damn I miss fresh fish boats..
 Okay, so grab a bowl and drop a tablespoon of honey, juice an orange (not OJ crap!), half a lemon and 2 oz of olive oil. That's the basics, then I do my standard S&P, mesquite, herb mix (chopped from garden) and whatever you like (see freak flag fly from other post).

Okay, I know I'm gonna tick you off cause I'm not posting exact recipes but as I explained earlier I cook by taste and not by numbers, and I've been doing that for too long,,,, but I'll start dammit.

Paleo BBQ
1 6oz can organic tomato paste
2 oz, apple cider vinegar
2 oz honey
3oz water
2 cloves garlic
1 tblsp olive oil
1 tblsp Dijon mustard

Fire up that Grill! Yes a wood burner or a charchol are better, but my Weber rocks and it's 500 in 5 mins., this is a tender fish and will rip up but the marinate will help navigate a flip and that's all you need. Flip sauce and shut down, the Cod will be done quickly, a Mahi will need a little more time.


Wow, it's dinner time, plate up those vegies and top with the fish, enjoy that baby knowing you've done a body good! Save that BBQ sauce for Chicken and Beef later in the week cause you know you love BBQ!

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  1. I kind of cook like that too.... No real recipe, just a little of this and a lot of that. Looks yummy!