Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Sunday

I just had a great dinner and my lazy ass did not take 1 wonderful shot of it,, kill me now before I do it again! Relax, grilled some steak out on the patio, roasted some Sweet taters, and a big ass salad so you didn't miss much. I'll get busy tomorrow.
What I did feel the need to tippy type about is you guys,, how ya doin? I've had some heart to heart talks with friends over this whole posting thing and some of you are down a bit and that sucks. Yesterday I blogged about bootstraps and all that and it's all good but sometimes it's hard to get a good grip and pull.
So I wanted to post a vid by Mark Sisson (sure I like him, he's a smart dude and Amy thinks he's hot), but to the point he's really hit the nail on the head with this one. Remember that Paleo isn't a diet or a gym, it's re-connecting ourselves with all those little tiny bits of what we used to be and prioritizing it back into our lives to make us happy, then all the good things follow. Enough of my drivel here's the video,, and a nice website to keep you busy,,, back to food tomorrow.

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