Thursday, July 19, 2012

Well that was embarrassing,, apparently this Blog stuff has a learning curve,,,
So tonight's lesson is ,, drum roll,,Mise en place!!! The french "everything in place" is the cornerstone for success to every aspiring chef or Paleo newbie who wants to succeed at cooking. Ya see one of the biggest Fails I hear is "i don't have time to cook" or insert any lame ass excuse to spending a little, and I do mean little time in the best room in your house (next to the bedroom). Truth is 30 minutes start to finish is all you need to whip up some fine grub and you know damn well you spend that on Facebook,, easy. So prep is everything,, it's the time taker and the thinking part of dinner, the rest is execution and clean-up,,, you aren't cleaning up are you? Sux to be you if you are,, who am I kidding, I do the dishes. I'm OCD that way.

Clean board, check, sharp knife, check, 30 minutes, check. Okay hopefully you've already been to Mark's Daily Apple and downloaded a Paleo shopping list, run out to your nearest Cool Food Place and picked up some yummy vegies and meats. I know, there's a lot more to talk about there but for dinner's sake let's say ya did.

The sausage above came from Trader Joe's and is a wonderful garlic and spinach mix my wife loves, and food is about love and making what your wife loves so get with the program. Right to left: beans, peppers(colorful if you can), julienne zucchini and squash, green onion, tomato, and spaghetti squash. Now the spag squash is optional here, it takes 45 mins in the oven and can be a garnish or side dish, but if you made some last night as spaghetti you already had it and you're good to go.
Next, cast iron skillet, your favorite GOOD oil, Mark says olive is okay if you don't overheat, tallow, butter (grass fed), coconut. Heat and cook up the beans, drop in the peppers, squash and onions, add the sausage, and,, oh shit, forgot about the seasonings! See, Mise en Place,, I coulda burned it all up running to the garden for Thai basil dammit. Seasonings are your choice and I won't dictate that, S&P, garlic and italian seasonings are always safe, you get yer freak on from there, but easy cowboy, the deeper you get into Paleo the more you taste everything, so less is better.

Let those tomatoes reduce a bit then shut er down. Damn that was easy! Now we're at 20 minutes and it's time for stuffing Le pie hole,,, zap the spag squash in the microwave or dirty a pan sauteing it up, beverage and eat, now that wasn't so hard was it pumpkin?

Hells no, it was easy! Let's do it again tomorrow, shall we?

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